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MSJ Consultants, Bangalore

We support people in personal, professional & financial success.

Our story

Our story

We started in Bangalore about 15 years back to help individuals to excel professionally, personally, also financially and being healthy. Our efforts have helped our customers to show decent results. They are happy to get back to us for further support regularly.

Our values

  • Customer centric
  • Personal success leads to professional and financial success
  • Abundant thinking leads to astonishing growth 
  • Continuous improvement is the key
  • Respect for each and every individual


Our values
Our history

Our support areas:

1. Personal development: 

Public speaking, goal setting, communication, negotiation, career counselling, personality development

2. Professional development:

Leadership, how to become rich as an employee, coaching & goal setting, vision building, ....

3. Financial success:

Investment intelligence, stock market investing, passive entrepreneur

4. Being healthy and living longer:

Diet for health, how to make body function better, how to overcome present health problems

Our team:

  • Ms. Shalini Jagadesh Kumar (owner)
  • Experienced Freelancers depending on the topic to be supported

Contact us:

Looking for support from us? Please contact us at +91 94824 11728 e-mail:

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